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Monitor biking has a quantity of Kinds of races, guidelines And sorts of method.

Bicycle racing seems pretty primary, proper? Do You’d like to’re talking about BMX or road racing, sure. The primary one throughou…….

Monitor biking has a quantity of Kinds of races, guidelines And sorts of method.

Bicycle racing seems pretty primary, proper? Do You’d like to’re talking about BMX or road racing, sure. The primary one throughout The road wins. However in track biking, tright here are a quantity of variations of the rivals To know.

First, You should know Regarding the track, referpurple to as a velodrome. An Olympic velodrome is Made from wooden and is a minimal of 250 meters round wright here It is shutst to the track inarea.

You will discover a quantity of strains on the track. The primary is A huge blue line shut to The underside. This separates the track from the inarea warmth-up space. Riders Aren’t allowed right here. A skinny black line subsequent to it represents the shortest distance on the track.

Above Which will be a purple line or “sprinter’s line.” Anyone who Desires to move a journeyr in entrance of them should go to The biggest, or above, the purple line. As quickly as the move is full, They will Return under the purple line. Above Which will be a skinny blue line. The world above Which will be a relaxation space for journeyrs Collaborating Wiskinny the Madison race, which Shall be defined later.

The bicycles Utilized in track biking Do not have brakes as a Outcome of braking might Finish in a collision with fullly different rivals. The bicycles have fixed gears, so the velocity is progressively slowed by pushing again on the pedals.

Particular person Dash

Eachtime you first watch this, You Could be a bit confused. Initially, the racers don’t On A daily basis go all out To purpose to win this three-lap race. They will typically meander round, typically even coming to a full sprime, making an try to strain their opponent into an unfavorable place. However when it will get to Regarding the final 200 meters or so, it’s an all-out sprint to the end.

Group Dash

In males’s team sprint, every team has three journeyrs who race three laps. For womales’s, it’s two journeyrs racing two laps. The teams journey collectively for the first lap, with one journeyr Wiskinny the lead. When that lap Is fulld, the lead journeyr peels off and the reprimarying journeyr(s) proceed. The clock sprimes with The final journeyr crosses the end line.

Group Pursuit

Two teams Of 4 start at reverse ends of the track and race for 16 laps (4 kilometers). Tright here are two methods to win: One is to catch The fullly different team. The fullly different is To end Wiskinny the shortest time. Watch the journeyrs as they take turns Wiskinny the lead, tright hereby taking turns in having to Deal with In all probability the most wind resistance. However primarytain in thoughts this: The time sprimes with the entrance wheel of the third journeyr Wiskinny the group crosses The road.


Think about this individual race like a NASCAR race. The a quantity of cyclists aren’t Starting from a lifeless sprime. For the first three laps, they Adjust to a pacer motorcycle referpurple to as a derny That is progressively gaining velocity As a lot as 50 kph. All by way of these pacer laps, the cyclists jostle for place. When the derny peels off, the cyclists go Right into a 3-lap sprint for the end.


If biking had a decathlon event, This Is in a place to be it. Cyclists are involved in 4 fullly different races in Finally, by way ofout which they accumulate factors.

The scratch race is 15km for males and 10km for womales. The primary one over The road wins.

The tempo race, which Shall be new On the Tokyo Olympics, awards journeyrs factors For every lap they lead.

The elimination race is simply that. Each two laps, the journeyr who crosses the end line final is eradicated. This retains going till Tright here’s Just one journeyr left.

The factors race is 25km for males and 20km for womales. Dashs are held at numerous factors by way ofout the race (pay attention for the bell to signal this). The journeyrs who get throughout The road first in every Of these sprints are awarded factors.

The journeyr with In all probability the most factors On The prime Of these 4 events wins the gold medal.


Think about This Sort of like a relay race you see in track and area, but with out the baton. Two journeyrs on every team every take turns racing. Wright hereas one is on the track, The fullly different relaxations above the aforemalestioned blue line. When the relaxationing journeyr Is In a place to return again in, they seize them by the hand and slingshot them to the entrance. The primary team to cross the end wins. It is a 50km race for males and 30km for womales.


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